March 28, 2013
Special Guest Curator: Jonathan Kemp


“We are all prisoners of love, rotting in its dank cells, licking its rusted bars for sustenance”

Dr. Jonathan Kemp, author of 26 and London Triptych, curates this round of Naked Boys Reading. Each reading has been chosen to explore a queer relation to love.

Our boys will read excerpts from: David Wojnarowicz, Jean Genet, Andrew Holleran, Pablo Neruda, Sophie Robinson, Jonathan Kemp and Matthew Stradling.

“Does the hunter love the chase or the quarry?” Cum and find out.

The boys:
Rowland Byass
Adam Dacre (
Matt Fennemore
Greg Lowe
Fireman Sam

Sharon Husbands, host-ess
Duchess of Pork, Disc Jock-ess
Princess Michael of Cunt, Guest Disc Jock-ess

Photos: Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz (all rights reserved)

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