(in order by reader)

Andrew – Freud, S. (1914/2001) Some Reflections on Schoolboy Pyschology. In Totem & Taboo and Other Works, Strachy, J (Ed). London: Vintage, 241-244.


Paul –    Freud, S. (2011) On Cocaine, London: Hersperus Press Limited.

(1886) Letters to Martha: 2 February, 1886, 69-70.

Phillips, A. (1994) On Love, On Flirtation, London: Faber and Faber, 39-41.


Chris –  Freud, S. (1905/1990) Fetishism. In Visual Culture: The Reader. Evans, J and Hall, S (Eds.) London: Sage, 324-326.


Nick –  Freud, S. (1928/2002) IV, Civilization and its Discontents, London: Penguin, 36-41.


Rowland – Phillips, A (2010) Sex Mad, On Balance, London: Penguin, 23-30.

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