A few evenings ago Dr Sharon Husbands had a little chat with artist Liz Rosenfeld to chat about her upcoming curatorial stint for Naked Boys Reading. 

I was always a dyke who identified with and in many ways felt the most comfortable in gay male culture – Liz Rosenfeld

Hi Liz! We’re so excited that you’re a) finally curating an NBR event and b) that you’re in London this whole summer. I have some questions for you about what’s new, what’s now and really just WHY?!

You’ve chosen a literary/performance icon Katy Acker as your thematic for 25 May’s next NBR Event at Miranda Bar.   When did you first encounter Acker’s work?

I honestly can not remember the first time I read/ heard of Kathy Acker.  However, I think it is her uncompromising identity and representation of a truly rebellious queer sexuality that continues to excite me about her work.
I was always a dyke who identified with and in many ways felt the most comfortable in gay male culture, and I realized my own queerness in the gay ( predominantly) male scene growing up in New York City in the 1990’s. I have always felt like an in between body, and Acker’s work has always empowered me to embrace this about myself.
She also just turns me on so fucking much, and was one of the first writers I discovered for myself that wrote about HOT sex in the way I wanted to and proceeded to have.
Kathy Acker made me want to strive to explore and represent the kind of sex I want and have in my own work as an artist. She taught me to perform my own history. To make shit about what you know, not what you claim to know.
YAS! I remember reading Acker’s work at NYU and feeling like I found something that spoke to that inner lez deep inside my weird queer heart.
I don’t want to spoil the readings too much for the audience but if you had to give me four words that describe what you’ve curated for us, what would they be?
Uncompromising. Wet. Feminist. Leather- Dyke.
I didn’t ask you to describe ME darling!
Fuck, we’re gonna have a good time.
You’re not just here to delight our audiences with your curatorial turn, you’re working this whole summer in London, aren’t you? Tell us more about what brings you to the Old Smoke for the summer.

Gender = THIS MESS WE ARE IN – Liz Rosenfeld

This summer I am excited to be in London working as the Goethe Institute artist in residence at The Lux. The Lux is the largest artist made film archive in the UK and I will be conducting extensive research there for my upcoming first feature film, FOXES.
Keep an eye out for a bunch of screenings, talks and performative public events I will be holding around London this summer throughout the duration of my residency!!!!
I am also looking for dates ;-)… for real.
Do you hear that London? This beautiful being is working hard on their art AND ready to date. QUEUE BEGINS BEHIND ME FUCKERS!

Speaking of dating and the various categories that we get SUCKED into when dating (male/female, straight/gay, top/bottom, blah blah blah) I wanna finish up with a really simple question. One that I think connects to us having a queer cis-women curate a set of texts for “Naked BOYS Reading” by a lesbian-punk-pioneer:

Does gender even exist?


Gender = THIS MESS WE ARE IN, and it continues to FUCK- UP- EVERYTHING!

Meet Liz and see our punk-rock readers at Miranda Bar on 25 May at 8pm.

 Image Credit: Alexa Vachon