Event: Sunday, 5 August 2018 | 7pm
Pride House Glasgow, 17 – 19 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5EZ

Naked Boys Reading (NBR) debuts in Glasgow at Pride House Glasgow in August!

We’re seeking readers who identify as a “boy” (or wish to for an evening!) for a paid reading on 5 August.

The event will be curated by playwright James Ley, we’ll be pulling out all the stops for an evening of naked readings, drinks, and consensual practice of the rhythm method.

Email Justin at to offer yourself up to the altar of naked reading!

Please note your interest in the Glasgow reading.



Pulling out: power play and exits.
As Brexit negotiations reach a series of unsatisfying climaxes a number of questions are raised.  Is the EU a power bottom? Can Scotland gain power by pulling out of the UK? And outside of politics Is pulling out the only power we have? Are ghosting and abandonment violent acts?
We all have the power to withdraw but how do we use that power in our relationships and in our sex lives without ending up isolated and alone?


NBR does not believe in sexism, gender, agism, fatism, racism etc. Anyone (18+) can offer their bodies and voices and will be cast to fit 3-4 slots available on the night.

Readers will select from a curated set of texts chosen to fit the theme by our curator (usually 1/1.5 weeks in advance of the event).

Readers will arrive by 6pm for sound check.

Readers will read naked on stage for 8-12 minutes.

Readers will be paid a fee of £35 for their time (payout is via invoice within 4 weeks of receipt of invoice).


Do I have to be a performer?

No! Anyone who fancies reading aloud naked is welcum!

Do I have to “be” or identify as male?

No! We don’t believe in sex or gender in such binary terms. Be a boy for the night!

Do I have to be naked?

Yes! And we don’t go in for stripping. Shoes/socks/heels/harness/collars optional.

Do I get paid?

Yes! Readers are offered £35 for up to 12 min public performance. A DEAL, BABES!

What if I get an erection?

If your groin based genitals get erect that’s really up to them, isn’t it? It hasn’t happened in 6 years, in 4 countries with over 245 readers who have penises. BUT, if it happens, it happens. Let’s all enjoy ample blood flow.

How do I offer myself up?

Email Justin at noting that you’re interested in the Glasgow reading.

More about Naked Boys Reading:
Facebook: /nbrldn
Twitter: @nakedboysread
Instagram: @naked_boys_reading