Short Serial Fiction Blog

Naked Boys Reading x Ace Hotel: Short Serial Fiction From March 2019 NBR will be curating short serial fiction by outstanding queer authors on Ace Hotel International’s blog! First on the docket is author Season Butler. Born in the States, Butler spends her time writing and teaching between the UK and Germany, and her forthcoming novel, Cygnet, […]

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Interview with Felix Bear Lane & Kyle Lee-Crossett

In advance of tomorrow’s first ever NBR Present: Naked Non-Binary Babes Reading event Dr Sharon Husbands asked the instigators/curators Felix Bear Lane and Kyle Lee-Crossett some questions. Here are the fruits of this e-conversation! Trans and genderqueer people often appear in popular culture as symbols of the future (for good or ill). SHAZ: HOW DID […]

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NBR:Freud Reading List

(in order by reader) Andrew – Freud, S. (1914/2001) Some Reflections on Schoolboy Pyschology. In Totem & Taboo and Other Works, Strachy, J (Ed). London: Vintage, 241-244.   Paul –    Freud, S. (2011) On Cocaine, London: Hersperus Press Limited. (1886) Letters to Martha: 2 February, 1886, 69-70. and Phillips, A. (1994) On Love, On Flirtation, London: Faber and Faber, 39-41. […]

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