Naked Boys Reading x Historical Homos
@ Miranda Bar @ Ace Hotel
Thursday, 30 May 2019
Doors 7pm | Show 7:30pm
£8 advance | £10 on the door

The past will show you hers, as long as you show her yours.

What is queer history?
Where do queers come from?
Have they been around forever?
Did they spontaneously appear, fully-formed, in the mind of a 19th century German psychologist?
Was Oscar Wilde the first of gay kind?
Were queers ever accepted?
Is queer a universal experience, or just the university’s intellectual excursion/excretion?

You’ll find no answers to any of these questions from us.

Cum to Miranda for a romp through history’s darkest closests, where Neolithic Nancies and Sapphic Slags lurk in the shadows with the Great Gay Greeks and Old Hollywood Celesbians! Our history comes down to our stories, and trust us, these stories speak for their damn selves.


Historical Homos is the world’s first platform that exists solely to celebrate LGBTQ+ history with no fucks given.

Originally an Instagram project, Historical Homos has expanded to produce print publications and live events, with the mission of making the legacy of history’s greatest YesterQueers more visible in popular culture.

Historical Homos was developed by Sebastian and Lucy Hendra, a brother-sister creative duo  Sebastian, 27, and Lucy, 26, born and raised in NYC and based in London.

Sebastian is a writer and over-educated queen, with degrees from the University of Cambridge and Columbia University in NYC.  Lucy is a graphic designer and the creative genius behind Historical Homos’ visual identity and artwork.

They are dysfunctionally close, and live together in Hackney.

Miranda Bar has lift access for those requiring mobility access support. Please contact Miranda or Naked Boys Reading if you have accessibility concerns.