Naked Boys Reading: Kathy Acker

Naked Boys Reading: Kathy Acker
Curated by Liz Rosenfeld
25 May 2017, 8pm
£6 pre-sale, £8 on the night*
Tickets will go on sale mid-April

“ Language pre- supposes community. Therefore without you, nothing I say has any meaning.” – Kathy Acker

Kathy Acker was a badass dyke femme fag writer who became an icon of the underground punk art scene of the 80’s and 90’s in New York and London. Acker is known for her pirated style of writing where she transparently stole techniques from writers such as Burroughs and Faulkner, and appropriated them for herself. She continues to be celebrated as a fierce queer feminist, who broke literary rules and wrote about her life as a sex worker, empowered slut, and artist.

A long time ago I remember hearing this story from a friend of a friend about how in the mid 80s they got stood up by some dude at some party on the Lower East Side in New York City. This friend of a friend, let’s call her Alice, was sitting alone, pissed off at her so-show-date. Suddenly who rocks up to her but a baaaadddd ass butch femme dyke wearing a fringed motorcycle jacket with a shaved head and multiple silver hoop earrings adorning both who asks her if she had ever fucked pussy before? Alice whispers: no. The hot butch femme says: wanna fuck mine? Before she knows it, Alice is on the back of the hot butch femme’s motorcycle heading back to a dingy flat where they eat pussy and fist all night and after fucking until the sun came up. Alice asked the butch femme dyke what she did in her life and the butch femme dyke said I’m a bitch, a slut, a fighter, a writer…. what about you?

I still jerk off to this story. – Liz Rosenfeld


Hostess: Dr Sharon Husbands
Disc-Jockess: The Duchess of Pork

*Tickets are always available on the door at Ace Hotel. No reserved seating is available and tickets are general admission and may be standing room or seated, as available. Doors open 7:30pm.