Naked Boys Reading: Naked

Naked Boys Reading: Naked
Curated by Ernesto Sarezale
Miranda at Ace Hotel London Shoreditch
Thursday, 26 July 2018, 7pm (Doors)
£8 online, £10 on the door

Tautology is often frowned upon. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “unnecessary repetition, usually in close proximity, of the same word, phrase, idea, argument, etc. Now typically: the saying of the same thing twice in different words (e.g. ‘they arrived one after the other in succession’), generally considered to be a fault of style.” Repetition here is considered to be unnecessary or superfluous.
There is indeed tautology in “Naked Boys Reading: Naked”. Yet one could argue that there is nothing superfluous about boys reading naked texts about being naked. In fact, some would say it was long due. This most tautological Naked Boys Reading will examine the naked body in ancestral religious traditions, classical Greece, modern Christianity, 21st century Psychoanalysis, the British press and the poetry from a naked poet.”
About the Curator:
Ernesto Sarezale is the pen name of a Basque cognitive scientist based in London. Writer, multimedia performer, erotic award winning poet and sporadic event promoter, he is well known for his erotic literary soiree “Velvet Tongue”, his “penis ventriloquy” act and his one-man show “In the name of the flesh”, which is also the title of his most recent poetry pamphlet. Ernesto has performed at a variety of poetry, cabaret, stand up and arts events in London and beyond (Edinburgh, Manchester, Brighton, Liverpool, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao…), winning the odd slam and comedy gong competitions along the way. He is current work focuses on erotic flash fiction, Grindr poetry and performances using mobile devices.

Image: Zach by Zbigniew Tomasz Kotkiewicz – Photography and Video