Naked Queers Reading: First Encounters
Curated by Amelia Abraham
@ The Karaoke Hole
Sunday, 24 November 2019
Doors 7:00m | Show 7:30pm
£10 online and on the door (limited door tix!)

Do you remember your first time? Your first kiss, first fuck, first love?

The first time you arrived in a city, your first visit to a gay bar, the first time you took a drug? The first time you saw naked person reading?! Naked Boys Reading at Karaoke Hole explodes the gender binary, offering a bevy of bodies getting undressed to give us that deep deep literary vibe.

Join us for a night of firsts are these readers explore some literary frontiers adeptly curated by powerhouse writer and queer cultural critic Amelia Abraham.

Amelia Abraham, author of Queer Intentions: A (Personal) Journey Through LGBTQ+ Culture chooses her favourite firsts from the annals of queer literature.

Naked Boys Reading has never really cared for the binary though we were committed to toppling the patriarchal fear of the public penis. We expand in our 8th season with added Naked Queers Reading events at the K-Hole, to push our literary limits and further queer or relationship to bodies.

Hostess: Dr Sharon Husbands
Disc Jockess: Duchess of Pork

**This event was rescheduled from October**

Karaoke Hole has limited access for those with mobility issues. Please contact the organisers if you have questions about access.